Generating software sales leads for your company shouldn’t be a mysterious art or a clandestine skill. With so many unknowns and changing relationships, it almost seems as if lead generation and closing sales are arcane talents, but they aren’t. In fact, your software sales approach should be scientific.

Software Sales Leads Secrets

With a science-minded approach, your software sales team is driven by data, facts and experimentation – and isn’t just left blindly following industry fads or superstitious sales advice.

So what are some of the secrets to this scientific software sales approach? Here are three to get you started:

Secret #1: Person-Oriented Research

Establishing a solid software sales lead always begins with finding the right decision-maker. When you’re in contact with the right person (such as the Director, CEO or other position you’re targeting) from the first or second call, then your software sales lead is not only more qualified, but you’re much more likely to close the deal in a timely manner.

In an ideal world, you’d already know the perfect time to call to reach these key decision-makers. In the real world, instead of guessing or hoping you stumble upon the best time, you need to take a scientific approach to your data. Start by analyzing your attempt history for what times of day are best for contacting your target decision-makers.

Watch your metrics and consistently test new times until you discover your most successful niche. For example, between 8-9 a.m. or 4-5 p.m. are usually the best times to contact SMB owners and decision-makers.

Secret #2: The Science Of Selling A Service

The second secret to better software sales leads depends heavily on the nature of your business software product. If you’re selling Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS), you need to shift your sales paradigm entirely.

While most sales teams assume that B2B sales leads are interested in the interface and reporting structures of your software, your salespeople should actually be focused on the service aspect of your SaaS. Because subscription-based software is so service-based, the primary purchase decision for your prospects revolves more around the service aspect of your software and less around the product features.

Put prospects’ fears to rest by reassuring them that your software’s service offerings address all of their pains and concerns. Once a prospect feels safe, securing that first appointment – and ultimately closing the deal – is much easier to accomplish.

Secret #3: Proven Lead Generation Procedures

Generating sales leads for your subscription-based software doesn’t always require extensive product knowledge. While product knowledge is important, it’s not the single pivot point for lead qualification.

Prospect discovery is the most important part of the lead generation process – learning and uncovering a particular contact’s needs and wants in a given solution. Most lead generation experts have enough experience in the sales process that they’re able to seek out and qualify new leads for almost any software product or service imaginable.

So, whether you’re hiring lead generation specialists in-house or you’re outsourcing your top-of-the-sales-funnel team, loading them down with comprehensive details, demos and particulars about your software doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be better at qualifying B2B sales leads or setting those initial appointments.

Since lead generation is such a specific, scientific skillset, your time would be better spent investing in the training and professional development of your lead generation experts. That way, they’ll be constantly improving on lead generation – and worrying less about walkthroughs and widgets.

With a scientific outlook on lead generation, you empower your sales team to more effectively prospect for new appointments and close more sales. Generating new software sales leads is no longer superstitious sorcery – it’s now a science that benefits your bottom line.

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