If you want to grow sales revenue quickly, look no further than your outbound prospecting team. You may have already noticed that the biggest B2B deals tend to come from outbound sales prospecting. After all, you can’t always wait around for big accounts to find you.

But here’s a compelling stat that you may not have seen yet: during a recent webinar I helped organize, one of our panelists presented some data from a DemandGen report showing that 80% of new B2B purchases are unplanned and unbudgeted. That means that if you just stick with inbound sales tactics, you could be losing out on up to 80% of your potential revenue!

So how do you win more of those big outbound deals? Outbound sales prospecting can be challenging. But luckily, with the right tactics and technology, prospecting for revenue is a lot easier. Here are a few valuable tips that I’ve picked up from working at a sales acceleration company that will help you kick your outbound sales prospecting into top gear.

Target Newly Hired Executives

A powerful way to quickly accelerate your outbound sales efforts is by reaching out to newly hired executives. When executives take on a new job, they are often expected to make sweeping changes. And, much of the time, they are given a sizeable budget to enact those changes. You want to be sure that you get to these newly hired decision makers before your competitors do.

One way to identify when decision makers change jobs is by using LinkedIn. Each day, you should check out your LinkedIn alerts (toward the top right hand corner of your main page). You can scroll through contacts that have recently changed jobs or had a work anniversary. When you identify a prospect that has changed jobs, be sure to reach out. But don’t stop there! Be sure to find out who they are replacing at their new company and who replaced them at their old company. This will help you identify even more newly hired executives with the budget and desire to make changes.

Dial Prospects From Local Phone Numbers

People usually don’t pick up numbers that they don’t recognize, I don’t know about you, but when I see some toll-free or out of state number flash on my caller ID I tend to send it right to voicemail. But sometimes I do answer calls from local phone numbers, because I think it could potentially be someone I know whose number isn’t saved in my phone. Apparently I’m not alone. Data from Software Advice reveals that leads are up to 400% more likely to answer calls from numbers with Local Area codes. At RingDNA, we offer a tool called Local Presence that enables reps to automatically dial leads from numbers with local area codes. Since we rolled it out, our customers have been having a much easier time getting decision makers on the phone.

Outsource Outbound Sales Efforts

It pays to have a team of dedicated prospectors that can 100% devote themselves to sourcing sales-ready leads for your account executives to close. But since demand for great sales reps is so high, it can be difficult to quickly onboard a great team of prospectors. One of the quickest ways to ramp up your prospecting efforts is by outsourcing some or all of your prospecting efforts. A great outsourced sales team can work with your company to target leads that match your ideal profile. And then help qualify prospects and set appointments for your salespeople. This can radically help reduce time to quota.

Want some more awesome outbound sales tips? In this on-demand webinar, RingDNA’s CEO Howard Brown and QuotaFactory’s CEO Peter Gracey break down the science behind outbound sales prospecting!