Are your sales leads making you despair? Does a lack of quality sales leads have you tearing your hair out – or a lack of sales lead follow-up have you climbing the wall? Good sales leads are critical to a business, but that isn’t enough. They need to be acted on, converted into immediate, real sales or correctly managed otherwise. We offer you the questions that help you identify if you and your business are ready for a top lead management software.

How do I consistently pick out high quality sales leads?

Whether you’re starting a big advertising campaign or you simply want a good process for funneling your leads, the right lead management application can help. Using the application, you define the criteria that make a lead a good quality one for you. The lead management application then automates the correct scoring and processing of those leads, and also ensures that the others are suitably handled.

How do I make sure sales leads are correctly followed up with?

Qualifying sales leads is a great first step, but without systematic and effective follow-up, that revenue potential is wasted. No response, poor response or untimely response (too early or too late) can all sabotage your efforts to drive sales. A lead management solution lets you define your lead handling workflows, distribute leads to people able and motivated to follow up with them, and automatically track the progress made on each lead.

How do I handle leads from customers who don’t want to buy now?

Customer buying cycles can vary, even within the same industry sector. Customers have their own timelines; and the sales leads you receive may arrive at any point during those cycles. If you only paid attention to those customers ready to buy right now, you could be wasting other significant sales potential. Lead management applications automate the nurturing of sales leads from customers with serious interest, but who need more time before making an investment with you.

The right lead management solution for you is the one that best helps you make the connection between your organization’s lead generation efforts and its responses to those leads. Some lead management solutions are also part of more global solutions for sales automation and customer relationship management (CRM). Compare the solutions below to see how they match your requirements.

Top Sales Lead Management Solutions

Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM handles lead generation from a variety of sources – for example, advertising, email campaigns, trade shows and seminars. Sales opportunities are then processed by the Zoho CRM software in a four-stage sequence that covers the lead life-cycle: lead generation, lead distribution, lead qualification, and lead conversion into sales. You can create a workflow rule to pass new leads to sales persons according to specific criteria, such as geographic region, activity, etc. After distribution, the lead qualification stage in Zoho CRM separates the sales-ready leads from the general inquiries. These quality leads are tracked and followed up by sales people to transform them into business opportunities and accounts.

Salesforce CRM


Sales lead management is one part of Salesforce CRM, the cloud computing–based sales force automation solution. The lead management and lead tracking capabilities are designed to meet the needs of companies of different sizes, from smaller local organizations to larger international enterprises. Information and a complete view of prospects and customers are available to be shared between you and your colleagues in real time for focused lead management. Marketing campaign results can be tracked across a variety of channels, including online ads to social media. When sales leads come in, automated scoring and lead routing help ensure that leads are consistently followed up in a timely way by the right sales representative.



Infusionsoft CRM tool helps generate good quality leads through its contact management functionality. Customer contacts can be assessed according to marketing and sales history, orders and account balance, lead source and website activity history. Communications to customers can be targeted using this information to optimize conversion rates. Infusionsoft automatically scores leads based on demographics and the actions they take to let you make the most of leads that are ready to become customers. While you get on with other tasks, Infusionsoft automates lead capture and email follow-up to help you attract more leads and achieve higher rates of conversion of leads into customers.



SalesExec is designed to let you integrate any source of sales leads. The application also provides a tool (API) for integration with other software applications you may have. Routing can be set up for leads to go directly to the best sales agents. Leads can also be recycled rapidly if need be to ensure speedy contacts with prospective customers. SalesExec also makes ‘push’ and ‘pull’ sales lead management available to either ‘push’ leads to designated sales people, or to let teams compete for leads and ‘pull’ them out of the system. Power dialer functionality lets salespeople call more leads faster, while lead prioritization and real time notifications also let them focus on the most important ones. Automated lead nurturing campaigns can be set up using email and direct mail. Sales managers have access to metrics on all lead sources and up to the minute sales agent performance.



Marketo’s automated lead management helps companies manage thousands or even millions of sales leads. It lets you monitor prospect behavior and take action in a timely, individualized way to optimize revenue generation. Marketo also improves lead data quality by merging customer data from different sources and automatically removing duplicate information. Salespeople get clean, current lists of leads to work with and win-ready opportunities are specifically picked out for sales rep action. Lead management metrics in the software show how long leads are taking to convert to sales, their costs and the most effective campaigns generating them. Underperforming lead generation activities can be withdrawn, while others generating the most business can be emphasized, managed and monitored for maximizing conversion of sales leads to customers acquired.

How do I discover the right Lead Management Software for my biz?

With these different solutions available, you too can have a lead management solution to suit your sales activities and to optimize your sales conversion ratios.