If you’re considering a career in sales, there are many reasons to take that first step and apply for a sales position. If you hone your skills and become an expert in the craft it can be a very lucrative job. It requires hard work, dedication, perseverance, creativity and people skills. These may all seem like daunting criteria, but in order to succeed at other jobs you are required to have the same work ethic. If you have a good work ethic as described in the previous requirements, sales may be for you. Here are some great reasons to become a sales rep.

Job Securityjob-security

Money makes the world go round, and is the reason most people get a job. Manufacturers everywhere have products to sell they need sales people to sell their product. Insurance, cable, satellite TV, Internet, phone plans, and company services are all things you cannot physically go to the store and buy, but still need to be sold. This is where you as a sales rep would come in, and the company that needs their product sold will pay you big money to sell their products for them.


There are a few different ways a sales rep gets paid and they all depend on how much you sell. Commissions are a percentage of the profit Hands-Giving-Moneyfrom the sale. Some companies will pay you for your time and give you a percent of the profits from everything you sell. You are in control of your paycheck, but it never falls below a certain rate due to the hourly pay. Did you know that some sales reps make double digit incomes every month? Some sales positions are commission only, but they offer higher percentage commissions in most cases. Another form of pay is a base price per item sold. For example a company who sells cars may pay you 100 dollars for every compact car, $150 for every sedan, $250 for every truck and $300 for every SUV you sell. This is a very lucrative business and there is a lot of money to be made in sales. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain in selling. You are in control of your finances. The sky is the limit. If you find yourself needing more money, you don’t have to go beg your boss for a raise, just get out there work harder and sell more.


Most companies offer bonuses to their sales reps. Who doesn’t love bonuses? There are many types of bonuses offered Some bonuses come in the form of milestone payouts. For example, the 5 sells reps who sell the most in one month get a 500 dollar bonus, and the next 5 will get 300 dollars. Another type of bonus is the incentive bonus. This is where a company would set a number for you to sell and when you reach it you get a payout. An example of an incentive bonus would be your employer will pay you an extra 50 dollars every time you sell 100 products. This is their way of encouraging you to sell more of their products and everyone wins. The next kind of bonus is where the company offers a percentage of the profit divided among the reps every month, quarter, year or other predetermined amount of time. For example, if you sell over 300 products in a month the company would pay you 2 percent of the company’s profit from the month and if you sell between 100 and 299 products they pay you 1.2 percent. Many companies even offer a yearly bonus to their top sales rep in the form of trips, cruises, cars and cold hard cash. At Mary Kay the top sales reps always receive a Mary Kay pink Cadillac.