resized_growth.pngImproving sales performance is only possible when you address the external and internal factors that lead to high-revenue sales. Your ability to engage customers effectively while maintaining a consistent management operating rhythm drives high-value conversions.

Here are three specific actionable tips for improving sales performance of your team.

Align Behind a Consistent Value Message

Ask five of your salespeople these questions:

  1. What problems do we solve?
  2. How do you solve them?
  3. How do you do it differently than the competition?

If you get five different answers, you need to build a framework that drives a consistent value message in the marketplace. A Value Framework provides that pivotal “one source of the truth”, that gives salespeople the talk track to articulate value and differentiation, no matter the buyer.

Also, don’t silo the message in just the sales department. If your salespeople have different answers to the above questions, what would happen if you asked people in other departments (e.g., marketing, product, customer success)? Your sales team’s performance hinges on a consistent customer facing message, that ensures what your reps are saying is the same the customer is engaging with through other avenues like on your website, in social and in discussions with other people at your company.

Build the Cadence

Strategic planning and consistency in your sales process and messaging strategies are vital to optimized sales performance. Top sales organizations have a cadence and accountability around their sales process and planning disciplines.

Sales Planning Cadence

If you create a predictable cadence around territory, account and opportunity planning, you’ll improve forecast accuracy and your reps ability to build a healthy pipeline. Here are key questions to consider when developing a cadence that drives sales planning activities.

  • What are the critical few activities I should focus on?
  • How frequently should I be doing those activities?
  • What tools are available to help me?
  • How will my success be measured?

Sales Process Cadence

A defined cadence to manage for success and mitigate problems will help your managers maximize their time. A Management Operating Rhythm helps you focus on the high-value sales activities that guide your sales planning and execution strategies throughout the quarter. It also helps you prevent catch-up. Use it to determine where your team needs to make the greatest immediate changes. Then, use it to plan your weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales operations.

Attract and Retain Key Talent

Companies that build a process behind consistently attracting and retaining top performers are able to build a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Talent analytics can build a precise profile as to the traits and behaviors of reps that fit best into your company. Always be recruiting, or be on the look out for talented professionals who fit your profile.

As you manage talent, focus on a positive work culture and opportunities for growth. Remember, top salespeople typically have several employement options. A place that has effective coaching and a solid career path for growth often retains the best sellers. Remember, when attracting and retaining top talent, you should be differenitating your sales organization as a workplace in the same way your sellers differentiate your solutions to customers.