Last week I talked about 5 Tools to Help with Social Media Management. Today, I would like to continue with the same theme and talk about social media tools that can improve your sales processes. Are you struggling with gaining new leads with your current sales process? Through social media you have the potential to keep growing your network base and have the ability to connect with an endless pool of prospects, BUT there is likely to be a smaller group of important people that you would want to connect with who can be potential customers.

Want to know how to help increase leads using your Social Media networks? Read on! For more information on the tools mentioned below, check out this article on Social Media Examiner.



Nimble is a CRM that allows you to manage all your contacts, activities and sales in one location. When you upload your contacts, you can send messages, add tasks/events, and edit/download the contact profile directly from their profile. Along with their contact information, you can also see all activities, emails, notes, and conversations related to that contact. In other words, there is no longer a need to jump from screen to screen, network to network in order to gather all your social data. Your time spent on social media will be reduced so you can spend more time focusing on other key areas of your business. Nimble will automatically highlight your contacts’ social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so that you and your team can easily connect, listen, and engage with your most important business connections.

Cost: It is $15/month/user but there is a free trial available. 

NeedTagger NeedTagger

NeedTagger helps you find appropriate opportunities for your business by using its language filters to separate all the noise/spam, to reach people who actually want to hear from you. In other words, NeedTagger searches through Twitter to find pertinent conversations that might be advantageous for you to engage in.

NeedTagger also has an analytics tab called Insights that will show the opportunities available and the results of your outreach to your targeted audience.

Cost: The basic version is free, but you have limited usage. There are options to upgrade to Pro, Agency or Enterprise (custom built settings) starting at $19.99/month.

What tool(s) do you use to improve your sales processes and engage with your market?