Are you looking to get more exposure for your brand? Then you may have heard that you need to know how to write a good press release.

Statistics from the Technorati report in 2013 showed that 31% of people said they were likely to be influenced by blogs on their future purchases. More recently in 2014, Research Now study showed that among heavy consumers (between the ages 35-54) blogs are the most important source of information when making a purchasing decision.

This trend will continue in  2015, bloggers are going to continue and be even more prominent in consumer influencing; this means not only do you need to know how to write a good press release, but you need to know how to write one for bloggers.

Here are a few tips to help prepare you for marketing in 2015:

  1.   News is Something New

By definition a ‘news story’ is something new and current. Before you even write your press release, think:

  •         Does my story have a unique angle or interesting content?
  •         Does it have that extra share factor?
  •         Will it make a difference to the blogging demographic I am interested in reaching?

If you think you can answer these questions positively then you are already on your first steps to writing a good press release for bloggers.

  1.   Good Headline Tips

Writing the best press release for your new product may mean nothing if you haven’t thought about the headline. Bloggers want to share content that will make their followers react, so if your headline made them stop and think they will be more likely to post about it on their blog. Here are some headline writing tips:

  • Get Personal – Using ‘you’ in your headline will connect the blogger to your content. Example: Top Trends in Fashion You Never Saw Coming
  • Be Daring– Verbal juxtaposition can create fascinating, eye catching headlines.
    Example: Beautiful Mess; Difficult Lessons in Becoming a Mother
  • Numbers – Everyone loves lists, especially bloggers. Try lists beginning with: 3/7/9 Things You Didn’t Know About (brand name)

Remember not to go overboard with your headline, for example using ‘new’ and ‘unique’ in the same sentence is exaggerating your product to a point where bloggers won’t read your news. These top ten bad headlines will show you what not to do.

  1.   The Content

Content in a press release is crucial, especially when engaging with bloggers your content needs to be hot, punchy and relevant to them. Some ways for making your writing pop:

  • Add a quote from an industry leader (always be relevant to your topic)
  • Include tweetable facts in the body of your press release, fun information is a winner for a quick share.
  • Don’t forget to get your work proof read by an editor or colleague; investing in these small details will build your press release reputation.

Creating a Buzz

So you’ve written the killer press release and want to start promoting it in your social media.


  • One of the most efficient ways of getting re-tweets is to include relevant Twitter handles of bloggers you know might be interested in your post. If you are working with them this is a great way of acknowledging them as important influencers for your brand.
  • Adding a relevant trending hashtag will also increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience. Keywordtool is a great platform to use when stuck for keywords used in your industry which you can then transfer to the twitter.
  • Timing is important, but remember to be flexible. Different content will reach different audiences; for example gamers are known to be more active at night and mums may be more available in the afternoons when their toddlers are napping.


  • Write titles even shorter on Facebook, don’t’ let the large character box trick you into thinking more is better.
  • Interact with your followers to create engagement; ask a question, quote a line of the text and ask your followers their thoughts about it.
  • Add a picture to your status; bloggers will be keen to share posts that are visually appealing to their followers too.

2015 is looking to be an exciting year for both brands and blogger influencers, and if you’re ready to delve into the blogosphere head first with your PR skills you will be surprised with the results. Invest in your press release and you are showing bloggers that you are interested to invest in them.