Websites won’t be as effective for your lead generation campaigns unless they are visible to your b2b sales leads, and nothing helps make you more visible than being on the first page of Google, right under the paid links.

So you’ve finally reached the top of the search engine results page of the most relevant search engines available. Congratulations on all your hard work! But that doesn’t mean (even in the slightest) that you can rest easy and expect to remain in that position forever. In fact, the challenge just got a bit more difficult. Keeping the top spot on search engine results such as Google’s is a difficult job, and the more saturated your market niche gets, the more difficult it will be to hang on to your position. Like they say, when you get to the top, you have everything to lose.

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your website’s position on the results page:

  • Maintain your content quality.

First and foremost, you got to the top spot because your viewers considered your content informative and valuable, so you have to maintain the value of your content or else your business leads will look for other sources of information. Your company blog should always have fresh, compelling content to keep attracting potential business sales leads. It also helps to diversify your content. Publishing write-ups all the time can get boring, and more importantly, a lot of your b2b sales leads don’t have the time to read through all your posts every day. To keep them engaged, publish pictures and videos from time to time.

  • Keep traffic coming back to your website.

Update your content regularly. If you don’t update your site regularly, your readers will think that the site is abandoned. As a guideline, the higher you are in the results page, the more frequently you should publish content. Your readers won’t probably visit your site at the same time every day, but it pays to post your content on a regular schedule. This way, they know when to look forward to your next post. To make it easier for your viewers to return to your website, ask them to subscribe to your newsletters or blog posts. Your subscribe button not only functions as a highly effective lead generation tool, but it also helps to quickly alert your b2b sales leads of any new offers your company has, may it be a discount, new products/services, white papers, or a case study. Just make sure the viewers will get something of value if they subscribe to you and you always point them back to your website.

  • Monitor the sites you point to and the sites pointing to you.

Links are very important things especially to Google and your ranking will significantly be affected by the type of links pointing to your website. Valuable links from authority sites relevant to your niche will be rewarded, and bad links will get you punished. You have to specifically watch out for sudden spikes in link numbers as these are viewed as unnatural by Google and could also get you penalized.