Solo entrepreneurs benefit from publicity in a multitude of ways. If you’re not already using publicity to promote your brand and business, now is the time to get on board.

Solo entrepreneurs are often excellent at marketing themselves. They need to know how to hustle, and most times they only have a small budget to work with overall. In light of this challenge, it’s necessary to get creative with marketing.

However, one thing that many solopreneurs think isn’t for them is publicity. It might seem like being in the media is something that’s for bigger businesses, but it’s not reserved exclusively for the Fortune 500s at all.

As a solo entrepreneur, you can benefit from publicity too. By doing your own publicity and seeking out promotional opportunities, you can benefit in several ways.

Get Seen

Doing publicity for your small business makes it easier for clients to find you. You stand out when you get your name and your business published in an article, appear in a radio interview, or go on local TV. Suddenly, prospective clients know where to find you.

Be an Authority

When you’re seen in the media, you gain an authority that your competitors don’t have. People will trust you if they can see that they are important enough to be published or broadcast. You can become a voice of authority and enhance your credibility in your industry.

Stand Out from Competition

You can differentiate yourself in your market through publicity. You have the opportunity to show that you’re knowledgeable and experienced. And the media love showcasing stories with a high degree of individuality. This provides you with the chance to share your brand story, and explain how you make an impact for your clients.

Justify Higher Prices

People will pay more when they see you as a respected voice of authority. Your media coverage will provide reassurance to your prospective customers that they’re in the hands of an expert when they work with you.

There is so much to gain by engaging with the media as a solo entrepreneur.

Apart from these points listed above, just think of the wider impact you can have by using publicity to amplify your message.

It’s a win/win situation for you and your clients.