When to write a press release is an important public relations question for all businesses. They are an effective tool when they are used in the proper strategic manner. The main purpose of a press release is to notify the media about a newsworthy event, product launch, or other occurrence for your company.

It can be distributed to the media through a variety of methods, but it doesn’t automatically mean that your news will gain the visibility you are looking for. The media may look upon your press release with a discerning eye.

It helps to make sure the answer to the below questions is “Yes.”

  • Is your news of interest to readers?
  • Does it benefit the community or your audience in some way?
  • Is it something that can gain online traction?

When your news has a clear public interest, a press release can truly benefit your business. Sometimes businesses need to know when to toot their own horn with a press release. Below are a few of the circumstances where they can help.

When to Write a Press Release for Your Business

Starting a New Business – The press and the public will be interested to know that there is a new way to fill an existing need in the community.

An Event – If you are hosting an open house, or some form of community event, a press release is a great way to get the word out to the public.

Product Launch – Let the public know when your business is doing something new and of interest to the broader community.

Milestones – Celebrate your business’s milestone birthdays, and let the community know how long you’ve been around.

Expansion – If you’re opening a new location, the press (and the public) would love to hear more.

Awards – When your good work is being acknowledged, a press release is an excellent way to spread the good news.

Philanthropy, Donations, and Volunteer Work – Let the public know about your efforts to help the community with a press release.

A Public Appearance – When someone from your company has a speaking engagement or a television or radio spot, your customers may want to know.

A New Website Launch – When you launch or redesign your website, or otherwise update your branding, a press release can give purpose to the change.

Commenting on Industry News – Your audience could benefit from hearing your take on a hot industry topic.

Using a Press Release to Promote Your Business

The main goal of a press release is to promote something related to your business. Determining when to write a press release is a big part of knowing how to promote your business this way. There needs to be a clear public interest for a press release to be the right marketing avenue for your company. The goal is to interest the media enough to do general news stories about your business, providing a natural means for promotion.

A professional press release copywriter can help you determine when the moment is right, and in crafting the release.

A Caution to Using Press Releases

If you’re going to use press releases to promote your business, it’s a good idea to understand how they can help, and what their limitations are. A press release isn’t a guarantee that the press will be interested in your business. If the release doesn’t catch the attention of the media, it’s possible that nothing happens after issuing the release.

Part of developing a successful press release strategy is knowing when to use them, and that not every release will achieve the same results. There are also online distribution services that can help you to achieve some search engine visibility with every release you write. With this process, you’ll receive some level of visibility regardless of actual media traction.

Hire a Press Release Copywriter

When it comes to writing a press release, the timing is a crucial part of catching the media’s attention. That’s why knowing when to write a press release is so important.

Sure, you can write a press release on your own. After all, no one knows your business like you do. But bringing in a professional press release copywriter also has some distinct advantages. You’ll benefit from an unbiased, objective viewpoint of someone who is outside your organization. You’ll be able to redirect your time to a core aspect of running your business. Most of all, you’ll benefit from a product written by someone who’s helped businesses just like yours.