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Angela Miller answers: “What is Anchor Text Over Optimization and How Can I Fix It?”

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Hi I am Angela Miller with Vertical Measures. I work on Marketing here and some of the questions that came to us when introducing a new product of service, there are a lot of tools you can use, one is a traditional Press Release but we were recently asked; “What is a Social Press Release and how can I use it as a promotional tool for my business?”

First let’s start with the definition. A Social Press Release is a content news piece for the online community. But how is that different from a traditional Press Release? One, you’ve really got an expanded audience. Now you’re not just targeting your story towards a journalist or the media, you can also start to reach your story to blog writers, publishers and even the general public. So you can actually start to speak directly to your target audience, current customers or even future customers.

How do you distribute a Social Press Release? You really go about it the same way as a normal Press Release by using a paid distribution service like PR Newswire or MarketWire. You actually can get very detailed in how you distribute your service through targeting certain regions, certain demographics and industries. Or you can also go the free route and there are free online services such as Newswire, PR Today, ClickPress.com, Free-Press-Release.com and PR.com.

So how do you get started?

  • One, when you are developing a Social Press Release, make sure you have a great headline. Keep it short and to the point and remember that headlines sell. So this is what is really going to entice the reader too read further.
  • You need to have an Overview, so keep it down to a couple sentences. Make sure it is a brief summary of what your actually going to tell them in your full on release.
  • The Content, make sure it is a really compelling story. Remember you are talking to a very broad audience, so it has to be an appealing story to the entire audience or if you’re getting very targeted, make sure your telling a story that’s important for them. So read it out loud, ask yourself the question if this is something I would find important or is it too sales oriented.
  • Last but not least, search engine optimization. Make sure when you are developing your Social Press Release that you are including relevant links. That you are incorporating tags and also keywords. When you’re using keywords, make sure you have it in your first sentence and within the last paragraph and don’t use it too much, make sure it sounds natural.

I really hope that this helped you understand a little bit more about Social Press Releases and how you can use it as a promotional vehicle to tell your news story. Thanks.