Existing for more than two centuries during the Middle Ages, the famed Knights Templar continues to inspire novelists and modern day crusaders. After being destroyed almost overnight, the Christian order was among the most wealthy and powerful during the Crusades.

Almost a thousand years later, a new Knights Templar has formed: The Knights Templar Cartel. Formerly known as La Familia in the Mexican state of Michoacan, the cartel indoctrinates its operatives to “fight and die” for “social justice”. It’s a lifestyle business, not just a job.

So for the thousands of federal police sent to the region to battle the Knights Templar, it’s been an unusual public relations battle. Some people now actually want the federal police to leave. Farmers and businessmen even held a press conference claiming they are being abused by the police, who were sent to the region to fight drug cartels.

The Knights Templar is also speaking out in their own public relations campaign, one of the first for a cartel. It is unlikely the fame of the new Knights Templar will resound through the ages…but it will be interesting to see how they justify corruption, murder and a global drug trade.

Insights provided by the Critical Mention media monitoring service