Twitter is much more than a place to read what your friends had for lunch or the latest celebrity gossip. It also isn’t just a place to talk with your fans and customers to build relationships. PR pros know that Twitter is a great place to connect with others in the industry and “talk shop” to find out the latest tactics and strategies.

tweet_tweet_tweetIf you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, you’re missing out. They’re a great way for everyone to come together and discuss whatever’s on their minds in a concise, easy to follow format.

There are several options for PR pros when it comes to Twitter chats, but these are a few I know are worth your time. Hop on, check them out, and contribute when you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it.


What: Public Relations professionals chat about all sorts of subjects in the industry

When: The 1st Thursday of every month

You’re a public relations professional, so #PRProChat is a great place to start! Even if you’re not a professional yet you can still follow along and participate, just make sure to bring your thinking cap and be willing to learn and offer unique insights.

The chat covers all sorts of topics in the industry, everything from blogging to crisis control to SEO. Before the next chat, you should take a moment and look over the archives. There you’ll see what kind of interactions you can expect so you’re not totally lost when the conversation gets going.


What: Focuses more on social media and how businesses should conduct themselves

When: Every Tuesday night at 10 PM ET

Trying to figure out your social media identity? Want to know how your business should act in certain situations so you don’t find yourself in a heap of trouble? Then #SMManners is a great place to go to see what others are saying.

It might seem easy to pull off a social media campaign, but there’s a lot that goes into every tiny little detail that could spell failure. Minding your online manners in every situation could keep you from making the wrong headlines, and getting advice from people who have been there can really help you out.


What: Tips and advice on how to properly brand your business

When: Wednesday at 10 AM CT

Branding is more important than ever before, as you have to establish a firm identity for your business in order to gain any traction in today’s busy world. However, pulling this off remains as elusive as before, and can be a tough task even for the hardiest of small business owners.

So why not talk to others in the same boat as you? They’re looking for help just like you, and coming together as one voice rather than a hundred separate ones could help the whole crowd. Discuss all sorts of topics like imagery, language, and finding a unique voice in a crowded marketplace.

Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat?