Top Five Ways to Get More Publicity Online

  1. Create Top Five Tips– One of the most powerful ways to get more publicity online is to create valuable tips for your target market that will make their lives easier, help them or save them time or money. Use these top tips as an example. I am offering you top five ways to get more publicity online, it has been posted on this site which has translated into more publicity for me. To take that further, these tips will save you time in trying to figure out more ways on how to generate more publicity online and they will help you grow your business, it is a win-win all the way around. When you create your top tips, make sure to keep them brief and to the point.
  2. Post Your Tips Where People Can Engage With You– One of the best places to post your tips is on your active blog.  This will allow you to engage and talk with your target market as they post comments, feedback and suggestions. This makes your tips easy to access, it opens opportunity for other blogs to pick up the content and post a link back to your site from their blog or site.  As your top tips get more attention and mentions from other sites, it will help you reach new markets and generate more traffic to your blog or web site.
  3. Let Your Network Know About it– You never know who is in your network or who your quality contacts will know online. Your top tips just might get passed along and in the hands of someone that has a popular blog with a large following or a media site that is hungry for your valuable content. You can also reach out to other blogs in your topic or area of interest and let them know how your top tips can help their readers. Make sure that you share the love and post some of their content on your blog as well. You can find top blogs and search by content and topic on sites such as
  4. Start Discussions in Groups Regarding Your Top Tips– Once you have posted your top tips on your blog, get out there and start talking about the topic online, join groups that can benefit from the topic and valuable tips that you are offering. Do not sales pitch your tips, simply start a conversation and include a link to your site. Let the readers know that you would love their feedback and their experience with the topic as well, this can create an active and powerful discussion, especially if the reader knows that you want to hear from them and the post is not just about you wanting to be heard.
  5. Reach Out to Media Contacts on Linkedin– Media editors, producers and bloggers are joining Linkedin just to find you. The media is using Linkedin to find quality experts and contributors in their subject area to help them provide quality content to their audience. Use the search function on Linkedin to locate media outlets and decision makers that work at the outlet. If they happened to be within your network through a friend, ask for an introduction, if not send them a friend request and let them know how you can help their audience. Remember to keep it brief and to the point.  Make sure to join groups that these media contacts are in, you can find out what groups they are in if they have a public profile. 

Author: Starr Hall is the author of Get Connected: The Social Networking Toolkit for Business, available from Entrepreneur Press. Starr specializes in PR, co-branding, licensing, online branding and building businesses worldwide using the power of social networking. For more information, visit or