In the public relations world, it is important that you constantly track your metrics so that you can effectively communicate to clients. There are a few ways to do this, all of which can be successful.


Your current clients are your bread and butter, y’all. Research what you’ve done for them, what’s been effective, and what’s not worked. How are your pitches? How are your press kits looking? Marketing materials? If they are looking a little sub-par or get no traction with media, maybe look into re-wording some things or think of a new angle to pitch for your client. It is also important that you maintain client happiness so you’re guaranteed to keep them around.  Take them to lunch once a month, call them up (yes, on the phone), you know, give them that personal touch. After all, that’s part of the job.


Are you seeing coverage from the story you pitched? Maybe that means setting up a Google search so you see all articles coming in to your inbox about your story, or perhaps that’s even rummaging through the newspaper every now and then and cutting out the story (yes, some people still do that, too). Usually, this information is covered and documented in a monthly or quarterly report to the client with a basic overview of how the story was received. Pro tip: Send them a document with links to everything so they can see where the story was covered in addition to numbers. Clients love good numbers, just saying.


Another way to measure your PR efforts is to see how well your client is doing on social media, because PR and social media can go hand-in-hand, right? Right. Check out how many mentions your client has gotten on Twitter, how many likes they have on Facebook, and maybe even how many follow the company page on LinkedIn. Did their numbers go up or down? With social, it is also important to make sure all social networks are on press releases, in marketing materials, or really wherever you can put them, because people love to be social!

These three metrics should give you a solid start with measuring your PR efforts. If you don’t exactly know where to start or are in need of some PR for your company, give us a call. We love chatting about this stuff.

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