Free Publicity Tip 15--Ask the media, "How can I help you?"

Stop thinking of “the media” only as newspaper reporters or magazine editors.

That’s so 20 years ago.

Start thinking of “the media” as anyone who has a platform from which they can talk about you. That includes bloggers, podcasters, ezine editors, authors, LinkedIn group members, people who answer questions on Quora, your Twitter followers who have their own audiences, and so on.

No matter who they are, they all love hearing this question: “How can I help you?”

Don’t assume you know. And don’t assume you can help them all the same way.

The blogger might need a guest blog post from you so she can go on vacation and feel confident that her blog isn’t losing steam, or traffic, while she’s gone.

The podcaster might want a quick 10-minute telephone interview with you.

The magazine editor might need you to write a list of four tips on your topic of expertise as a sidebar to accompany a related story.

Here are several other questions the media love. Can you add any to my list? What questions do you ask them? And what results have you seen?

* * *

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