bigstock-The-word-Brand-on-a-box-or-pac-36693238 (2)The storms over fake reviews may ultimately be great news if you’ve been struggling with the impact of third party review sites. These sites may simply become irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Marketing Land recently ran a story which indicates that 40% of consumers no longer trust online reviews thanks to all of the scandals swirling around fake reviews. If this is true, then you can expect that customers won’t continue to use those sites. Of course, this trend also doesn’t bode particularly well for the usefulness of any positive reviews currently posted on your own site.

That’s not to say that you still shouldn’t collect those reviews and you should certainly continue to house them on your site. You should simply be aware that they may be less effective than they used to be.

If consumers stop using reviews to make decisions about who they will do business with then how can you work to gain their trust? As it happens, you will still have three important tools at your disposal.

1. Grow Your Blog

Content marketing will continue to be an important tool. Continue to put out great content, especially on your blog. Giving away truly valuable content for free helps to build trust. It shows that you’re willing to give before you receive. It also helps demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about.  Earning a customer’s trust isn’t just about reassuring him that you won’t cheat him. It’s also about reassuring him that you’re actually capable of solving his problem without creating new ones.

2. Monitor Your Reputation

Reputation monitoring and management will both still be vital skills. People don’t need third party review sites to trash you or your company, and certain detrimental content can still pose a problem. Furthermore, people are far more inclined to believe negative words over positive ones. If customers aren’t giving testimonials much weight then ensuring an impeccable online presence is more vital than ever.

3. Be Easy to Work With

There’s something about a company that truly cares about customers that shines through no matter what. Such a company is responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and easy to work for. Such a company also works to make things as convenient for customers as possible. Word will always spread when a company acts this way—even if it’s not spreading through third party review sites. Truly exceptional companies may even become the subject of positive news stories or blog posts that will carry more weight than online reviews.

Put Your Energy in the Right Place

As it happens, you should be focus all of your energy on these three key points regardless of what happens with third-party review sites. If you do, these sites won’t have much power to hurt you or your business, which is ultimately the scenario that most business owners hope to bring about.