For people looking to relocate, Wikipedia may be their first visit. But with only a few lines of text for towns such as Tupelo, Mississippi, they may be looking for more substance to make the transition from somewhere else a little easier:

Enter the role of the community development organization of Tupelo, the city seat of Lee County, who previously published a guide to the county’s businesses, restaurants and attractions in a local publication called ‘Images’.

Recently, the public relations team has moved their community relations efforts to a new publication and online living directory called “Livability”.

Livability is an online resource for cities to combine information on not just living and business information, but things to do for potential visitors and tourists. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to move or travel to a new city. The site also offers a LivScore and other helpful ways to choose your next destination or home.

Currently, Palo Alto, Calfornia ranks #1 on Livability and although Tupelo lacks a rank in the top 100, the town boasts small-town living and the birthplace of Elvis Presley.