The age-old adage, “All publicity is good publicity,” is alive and well. Even if you or your brand receive negative PR that seems to tarnish your reputation, there is a high likelihood that you are still benefiting from the media coverage. Do we believe this saying to hold true still today in our every-changing social media landscape?

A pattern that any press is good press is evident when we see that the more ridiculed a person is for sharing bold, brash, controversial opinions via social media, the more followers they gain. Take Russell Brand, for example. An icon of the times, Brand is quasi famous for his acting, while far more famous for his rants on every form of media from television to YouTube to Facebook to Twitter. As Brand lovers and haters began to tweet out about him, he was gifted more fans than ever possible with acting alone. Soon enough, everyone and their brother was having a #chucklewithrussell, loving and hating and everything in between. But they were following, and they wanted to hear what would come out of his mouth next. Brand is the epitome a self-made social media influencer who is #sorrynotsorry for his brash influence in the world.

In recent days, we have what on the surface appears to be a train wreck of a Twitter Interview with 50 Shades of Grey author, E.L. James. Held with the purpose to cover her latest novel, Grey, the session instead offered an opportunity for folks to have a go at James:

Is it all “bad” though? Or has E.L. James only become more infamous than before, and will her new book and upcoming movies be incrementally more successful as a result of this media fest? Taking this one step further one can even ask, was this all planned? We can point out that here you are reading an article about her and will likely look up her #AskELJames for more tweets, and I am one of thousands upon thousands of people tweeting, posting, IGing, and writing about James this week.

This slant in the PR world is nothing new. Case in point: Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, who were born influencer marketers before their time, well before The Influencer became the fad it is today.

What’s the good news? If you are a brand that chooses to collaborate on an influencer marketing campaign, the likelihood that you will be skewered in the social media jungle, your reputation tarnished, is non-existent. Proper influencer marketing campaigns are set up to pair your company with an influencer whose own branding can honestly support what you do, and one knows their followers will support you as well. Keep in mind that if you do find yourself in a social media pickle, do not fret. We have all been there and will all surely experience some sort of reputation blip in our social media lifespan. The question stands: how will you respond, and will you take advantage of the opportunity to gain favor with new likes and followers, customers, and exposure for your brand?

If you are searching for new, creative ways to market your brand, consider an influencer marketing campaign.