When you send a press release out using distribution services, in addition to making sure you press release gets in the hands of targeted reporters, one of the other things your service provider will do is send your press release out across different newswires and news sites that will republish your press release as-is in a special section of their website. Obviously, this isn’t the same as earned coverage whatsoever, but the real question is do republished press releases have any value?

recycle_paperPersonally, I believe the answer is yes, republished press releases do offer a level of value for your company, but there are some important caveats that need to be pointed out.

Why do I believe republished press releases can have some value?

  • Posting your press release on trusted websites can help increase your overall online presence, making it useful for reputation management as people who search your company’s name may come across these.
  • Republished press releases may offer a little SEO value as they could show up in the search results for relevant keywords, but don’t count on the links they contain helping boost your site’s rankings.
  • Republished press releases could potentially catch the attention of bloggers and reporters who may not have originally received your press release, giving you a chance of earning media coverage.

While I do contend that republished press releases have some value, I absolutely believe that earned media is 1000x more valuable than a reposted press release. That brings me to a few stipulations that need to be pointed out:

  • Your press release distribution service needs to do more than just blast your release to sites across the web. They should have true relationships with reporters who may want to actually cover your story.
  • Reposted press releases that end up on low quality, spammy directories could actually hurt your online marketing/PR/SEO efforts. Make sure you know where your press releases are being posted.
  • Your PR strategy needs to consist of much more than publishing your press releases across the web. Period.
  • Quality still matters. Low quality, spammy press releases with no newsworthy angle will do more harm than good.

What do you think – Do republished press releases have any value?