Free Publicity Tip 16--Volunteer to be a chamber ambassador

You see them everywhere—in your local weekly newspaper, on the nightly news and on sites like

They’re your local Chamber of Commerce “ambassadors” who show up at ribbon-cuttings for local businesses, open houses, parades, awards ceremonies, and other events where the chamber must be represented.

They’re no dummies.

They know that these events typically get lots of local media attention. The local jeweler who might never have received much publicity for his jewelry store, or the local Realtor who can’t figure out how to get a story about her real estate company onto TV, can still get massive exposure in their goodwill role.

Some chambers, like this one in Arlington, TX, actually have guidelines and an application process.

The people who head those ambassador programs aren’t dummies, either. They know that if they choose one or more outstanding ambassadors of the year, that’s one more chance to get the photo of one of their members in the local newspaper.

As for those ribbon-cuttings, my longtime Publicity Hounds know how I feel about those. They’re cliche events, and every photo looks the same: Somebody cutting a red ribbon with a pair of giant cardboard scissors. Yech.

That’s why I hosted a teleseminar on “Fun Alternatives to Boring Ground-breakings, Ribbon-cuttings and Check-passings.” You’ll get dozens of ideas on how to turn predictable photos into WOW photos.