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Unless you have a large advertising budget to get your brand’s name in front of millions of consumers, your business will require extra effort in getting people to recognize who you are.

Below, branding expert Michelle Lewis of VisibilityVixen.com and I teach you how to develop your own publicity campaign to drive organic growth that will help make your brand recognizable in today’s cluttered market.

1). Pick Your Target Media Outlets

The first thing you need to do is to identify the right media markets. Who would be interested in covering your company news? Why should the media care? What makes your brand interesting and different?

2). How to Find Your Newsworthy Pitching Angles

Here are a couple ways to find your newsworthy pitching angles:

  • Brand launch
  • An event
  • Something that’s local to your town/region
  • Something that’s new
  • Timeliness
  • A scandal or conflict
  • A milestone such as an anniversary or financial goal
  • A new hire
  • A new product launch
  • A new website launch
  • Something that’s seasonal

3). Develop Your Press Materials/Pitches

If you’re going to launch a publicity campaign, then you are going to need some basic information about your brand, products, who you are, your story, and contact information to create your press materials/pitches. Each pitch you send out should be tailored to meet the tone and style of the outlet you’re targeting.

4). Persistence

Even some of the most seasoned PR pros need to be patient and persistent when it comes to getting into top-tier media. If you don’t hear back from them right away, you’ll need to follow up two to three times before hitting them with another pitching angle. If you don’t hear back after two or three follow ups, then it’s safe to say that your story or product is not a fit for any stories they are working on at that time.

5). Develop Your Social Media Presence, especially on Instagram.

When an editor, blogger, or producer does a Google search and finds your social media accounts, each one should be updated with engaging content, especially Instagram. Instagram allows you to develop your brand while developing a consumer following. You have the opportunity to post images that reflect what your brand represents.

6). Reach Out to Relevant Bloggers

Lifestyle bloggers (including fashion, beauty, wellness, fitness, etc.) have a lot more influence now than they ever had before. Larger brands recognize the impact that bloggers can have on sales because of their highly-targeted following.