So you can feel success right around the corner. You need something quick to capitalize on the momentum you can feel vibrating in the air. However, you don’t exactly have something planned, or what you do have planned you just realized won’t work for your needs.

Latex Glove For Cleaning on hand.What to do? You need to get something out there quick but don’t want to rush anything. While you may not have anything on the back burner, there are a few ideas you can go for. These are more or less guaranteed to be safe enough to toss out in a pinch when you really need something to get out there quick.

Start Talking to Reporters & Influencers

Of course one way to get your word out there is to talk to OTHER people who can help you get the word out. Reporters and influencers on the web are a quick way to at least get some attention to your new product or whatever your campaign is centered around.

Generally, this takes a lot of time. But if you really do feel there’s a lot of momentum building around your company, people will be more likely to notice. They’ll want to be part of the hype to get ahead of the game and their competitors. If anything you can press the issue that it’s a good space-filler for their publication.

Keep Things Going on Social Media

Unless your fans are Amish, they’re on social media (and many Amish are actually on social media too, so…). They also use these sites to determine what’s “hot” right now – if they see a hashtag trending on Twitter, for example, they automatically assume everyone’s doing it.

Not only will people check the hashtag out, if they see how popular it is they’ll feel a little left out. After all, they haven’t hopped on the hype train yet, what are they doing wrong? Not only will they talk about it, they’ll likely participate.

If you can successfully use this to your advantage, you can keep the momentum going on arguably the biggest PR playground – the web. The more it trends, the more it grows, and vice versa. Either hop on a trend (make sure to investigate it first!) or start your own.

Head Out Into the (Virtual World)

Is there a big event and you need to get some attention to it? If you don’t have a ton of time, head out into the web and hunt down your potential fans. You know your industry and you know the type of people who love you.

Those people are out somewhere on the web talking with each other right this very minute. It doesn’t matter how niche you think your business is, there’s a website, Facebook page, or web forum dedicated to it.

Take a minute to head out and spread the word about your event on these websites. If you don’t have a ton of time you’re probably not going to be able to build relationships like you want, but try to post real messages instead of just spamming the event. This way you’ll be less likely to get erased for being a spammer and people will actually pay attention.

What are your “go to” PR tactics?