With so many different ways to get a message out, it can sometimes seem like crafting a press release isn’t worth the effort. This is not the case, however, as you can gain a host of benefits hard to obtain elsewhere. To find out the specifics, we asked the following question:

With so many different channels available to you today, what is one reason you should still write a press release? What benefit is gained?

1. You’ll Gain Instant Exposure

If your business is not booming just yet, you need exposure, and a press release is a great way to get that. A good press release gives your business validation and entices media, as well as customers, to read up on who you are and what you are doing. Even in today’s technologically savvy world, a solid press release can make a lot of noise. – Adrien Schmidt, Bouquet.ai

2. You Can Centralize Your Message

Press releases are designed to generate publicity, and every business can get benefits from good publicity. Press releases enable you to centralize the message you are trying to put out in the marketplace — concisely. If you’ve designed a new product or launched a new service you can let the media know about it through a press release. – Arry Yu, Stealth Mode, WTIA

3. You’ll Create a Historical Record of Company Progress

Press releases help you tell a story and define your narrative in a clear and concise way that’s focused on highlighting what’s newsworthy and important. Telling your story with a press release helps you to change the perception of your brand to consumers, partners and investors. Over time, you create a historical record of your progress, which encourages people to do business with you. – Eyal Ronen, Puls

4. You Can Keep Customers in the Loop

We publish our press releases as a blog post whenever we have a new feature that comes out. It’s a great way to keep customer’s posted on new releases so they know that we hearing them and implementing features they requested. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

5. You’ll Improve Your Long-Term SEO and Referral Traffic

A well-marketed press release increases SEO power by generating highly valued links from sought-after natural pages, such as news sources and blogs. Additionally, because a press release remains indexed on the web, it creates long-term visibility for a company’s services. Smaller businesses may also want to note that a press release is a free way to create enviable site ethos and referral traffic. – Shu Saito, Fact Retriever

6. It Helps Reporters Who Want to Cover Your Business

A press release is still important for major media outlets. Though you can pitch without a formal release, it’s better to have a release that highlights all key information. Journalists get hundreds of emails each day. A release helps them in their research process aggregating all the pertinent information in one place. – Simon Yu, StormX, Inc.

7. It Provides a Solid Foundation for Your Customer Outreach Strategy

A well-written and focused press release has many benefits, but one of the biggest is to help amplify your news or announcement beyond the reach of marketing or sales channels. A press release is simply a tool, the foundation on which to begin communicating your message to various audiences. It becomes part of a larger outreach strategy to tell your story. – Eng Tan, Simplr