press release elements
Regardless of the size, employee count, profit margins, and future goals, all businesses should rely on press release writing to boost their online presence and increase their influence in a rapid, cost-effective manner. Crafting a press release requires extensive niche knowledge and a fair amount of research, a high dosage of objectivity, and the ability to follow a standard structure and adopt a simple, concise writing style. Moreover, a press release has 5 recognizable key elements that make it truly effective.

1)     Pertinent quotes from a spokesperson and/or from an important member of your company

A relevant quote coming from the CEO of your company or from a spokesperson helps you send a much more credible message to your targeted audience, allowing you to broadcast humanized content and accentuate the strengths of your unique line of products or services. Select meaningful, inspirational quotes with a real substance that manage to capture the attention of journalists who might feel tempted to include them in their articles.

2)     Essential contact information

Curious reporters who usually dig a little deeper for fresh, unbiased information might want to know more about your company and its most recent achievements. Are you ready to provide accurate answers to all of their questions? Do they know how to reach you? Make sure you place essential contact information (e-mail and phone number) at the top of any press release. Also, don’t forget to add your company’s boilerplate at the end of the press release. The boilerplate is a short paragraph in which you describe your company and its mission, vision, and main values. Here you should also include the URL address of your business in order to enhance its online visibility.

3)     Availability information

A press release failing to provide accurate availability information is worthless and will most likely be ignored by journalists. They shouldn’t have to call your spokesperson and ask, “When will your product become available?” A truly effective press release provides the shortest, most concise answer to this question, preferably along with pricing information. Reporters will always choose to factor press releases that offer complete information, anticipating all of their needs and making it easier for them to write the news story. So make sure you let them know when your product/service is expected to hit the market, where it will be sold (online and/or brick-and-mortar stores), and how much it could cost.

4)     The key attributes of your products, their benefits, and their positioning

How are your products positioned on the market and to whom are they addressed? Provide the best answer to this question by inserting a relevant quote in the second paragraph of your press release. Also, in a different paragraph, don’t forget to expand on the key features of your products and services and highlight their unique benefits.

5)     A catchy, well-structured title (and a subtitle)

The title of your press release should stimulate the curiosity of journalists, making them want to read the whole content piece. The headline should be short and concise; it should contain an action verb; indicate the name of the company launching a new product, service, or organizing an event; and reveal at least one benefit associated with the recent improvement announced in the press release. Subtitles are optional elements offering supplementary information, and can help you raise the interest of busy readers who usually skim and scan the text.

All in all, remember to include all these 5 key elements in all of your press releases in order to come up with truly effective content pieces, crafted and distributed to take your company to the next level.