public relations franchise
There are tactics one can use to reboot your flagging franchise into a booming success. Before you take any further action with your franchise, you need to know why it is a flop. Usually, only 50% of success or failure has to do with the actual franchise and what they offer. The other 50% has to do with a variety of factors, and if your location is failing while others thrive. It is time to find out what the difference is between your store and others.

Who is your competition? Not just other stores in the franchise but who else is offering
similar products or services to yours in your area? If there are several competitors in an area with a smaller population, you may need to make big changes to your brand and how you present what your offer. Since you own a franchise, you will need to do so within the confines of the franchise’s limitations and structure.

It may be time to refresh your business. If the original franchise has been around for more than 10-15 years, their suggested marketing and branding may be seen as out-of-date. You won’t be able to change the product or service, but you can change how your location makes itself known and useful in the community. So start looking for ways to contribute. If your franchise is a coffee and donut shop, look for local meetings or agencies where you could offer free pastries and a 5-gallon thermal coffee dispenser. PTA meetings, town council, or anonymous meetings such as AA could be ideal.

Just make sure you provide napkins and cups with your company name. That will build good will. Providing treats at local bake sales for charitable purposes might also make a difference. Look for ways to get people talking about the great things your company is doing and it can bring support to you in the form of sales.

Develop strict guidelines within your organization for everyone to follow. Make sure those systems are all about providing extraordinary customer care and products. Even if you have no control over the products because of a franchise agreement, you have control over customer service and care. If you can hire people that treat every person that walks through your door as if they are their best friend or a close family member, customers will feel the love and want to
return time and again.

When you start a business, even a franchise, you should understand that you need to spend a lot of time working in the business. Make sure your efforts pay off by providing great service, offering help to the community, and building your reputation through positive PR activities associated with charitable efforts, and your great service.