In this day and age, many people still consider PR and content marketing to be mutually exclusive.

While content marketers create quality material to inform readers while also branding that company in a certain way and with a certain voice, traditional PR generally aims to get stories and other material to the “news.”

However, I venture to say that the best content marketers and the best PR people use a mixture of both worlds to achieve the greatest results.

For example, creating quality content on a company’s website, blog, and various social media platforms will only get a business so far. Once a company has established their voice, they need to get heard by a larger audience. That’s where PR comes in! A good PR pro takes that great content and then shares it with traditional news agencies, industry trade magazines, and other publications. In creating a hybrid approach between content marketing and PR, companies see a bigger return on their advertising dollars.

So how can content marketers embrace PR?

  1. Timeliness – As a content marketer, you probably already have a calendar of events for your industry. Maybe there’s a busy season when people buy the products you sell, or a big annual industry event. When creating content, keep in mind that the story may be “bigger” than just selling widgets through your own website. Think of angles that might interest the news media, a trade magazine or a blogger.
  2. Guest blogging – You’ve already established that you can create great content. So why keep that content on your website and branded social media platforms only? Offer up a guest post to a blogger or website who caters to your potential audience.
  3. Strategic partnerships – Another trick in the PR arsenal is for two companies or brands to partner up. Say you own a local pet store and you partner up with a local vet to offer up pet play day at your local dog park. When both you and the vet publicize this event, you’ve just doubled your audience.
  4. Press Releases – Many content marketers think that the content should speak for itself. On the other hand, many news outlets expect to have news come straight to them in a certain format – the press release. Cater to your potential news media audience by not only releasing blog posts and fun social media campaigns, but press releases.
  5. Network with the Press – Another trap content marketers may find themselves falling into is only networking with potential customers or partners. When you’re making your daily rounds on Twitter and Facebook, add some reporters to the mix. PR pros have been networking with reporters for years, and they get the power of a “warm lead” whenever it’s time to send a press release.

PR Pros, what other tricks can content marketers learn take from your tool belt? Content marketers, have you used any of these PR methods in your content marketing?