Our client had just come back from a meeting with her accountant and was in no mood to talk PR budgets.

Of course, we understand the budget constraints of a growing business. But, while not looking to offend any accountants (including our own) we can’t think of a single way your accountant can help grow your company. However, we can think of a number of ways PR can. Consider the following:

  • Do you want to increase your market visibility? Considering the cost of advertising, PR is a cost-effective way of reaching your target audiences and positioning your company and its products. Done correctly and strategically, a proper PR campaign can give a company broad exposure to clients and potential clients through media coverage and social media.
  • Do you want to look like an industry expert? You are great at developing presentations and marketing materials; however, editing and repurposing your existing content and industry insight in ways that resonate with your target audiences can pay off big. PR can help.
  • Do you know the media that can support your NBD program? Journalists and bloggers are constantly bombarded with content that is not relevant to their coverage. The result: They pick and choose what they want to write about, but also listen more to an experienced PR professional who has a relationship with them and their publication or blog.
  • Do you want 3rd party validation? Your website and marketing materials are critical elements in establishing your market positioning, of course, but coverage of your company in an influential trade publication or industry blog takes it to a different level.
  • Do you know what your competitors are doing? Have you actually taken a look to see how the companies you go head to head with in the marketplace are selling themselves? Chances are that PR – trade publications, industry blogs, and through social media – is part of their action plan.

How big a budget do you need to do all of these things?

A PR campaign should be customized to meet a company’s objectives as well as its budget. Overpromising results and asking for big retainers is not the way a good PR agency should work. When taking on a client, an agency takes on a commitment to providing the work promised, within the financial perimeters discussed.

Don’t just take my word for it. Talk to a PR professional and an accountant to discuss how they have helped companies grow their business. You might realize that you are overpaying your accountant!