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Managing your company’s internal and external communication requires a public relations strategy. Check out these public relations tips and best practices.

What Good is an Earned Media Placement If No One Can Read It?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you’ve probably noticed the big uptick in…

Arik Hanson
June 18, 2021
Public Relations

Why PR and Marketing Should Always Collaborate

As humans, we naturally seek out patterns and similarities to interpret and categorize the world around us. One hundred thousand…

Amy Rosenberg
June 12, 2021
Public Relations

5 Reasons to Put Your Money Into PR vs. Advertising

As a small business owner, an entrepreneur, the new marketing manager at a thriving company, you may be wondering how…

Cristy Brusoe
June 10, 2021
Public Relations

Before You Hire Another PR Agency, Write Down These 3 Basics

It is very tempting to call up a few firms and ask for basic info hoping that one might say…

Christine Wetzler
May 26, 2021
Public Relations

Digital PR Dictionary

Links, Domain Authority, SEO PR…What Does It All Mean? We recently published a Public Relations Dictionary with many definitions of…

Mike Rosenberg
May 4, 2021
Public Relations

Musings on Media: How to Identify Which Journalist to Pitch

At 2pinz, one of the many challenges we help B2B tech startups face is who to pitch their story to.…

David Libby
April 30, 2021
Public Relations

Why You Should Add a Social Media Influencer Program to Your Marketing Toolkit

"Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought." -- Napoleon Hill There is…

Donna St. Jean Conti
April 21, 2021
Public Relations

Why Traditional PR Is Coming Back in Vogue

We are firmly planted in the digital age, with email, social channels, websites, and online advertising a mainstay of the…

Peter Baron
April 13, 2021
Public Relations

Domain Authority, Trust, and Thought Leadership

The digital revolution has been changing the practice of PR for some time now. My first class on digital PR…

Sally Falkow
April 9, 2021
Public Relations

How to Build Lasting Media Relationships and Track PR Leads in 2021

Building lasting relationships with journalists, editors, and other media professionals can strengthen your PR business and help you deliver better…

Annabel Maw
April 8, 2021
Public Relations

Online Reputation Management: A Few Tools to Build Your Brand

Businesses face threats to their reputation every day. Sometimes these threats are easily managed by ensuring you provide excellent products…

Angela Hausman, PhD
April 7, 2021
Public Relations

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