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When you for start as a link builder or content marketer and don’t know any better and are under a lot of pressure, it was just all about getting that mention and link from industry related blogs for the client’s content. Client expectations were more about the quantity of links, not as much about the quality, so a link from an authority site was great, but they wanted dozens more of them which can be very tough to do depending on the content.

How It Used to Be vs. How It Is Now

A lot has changed in the years that SEO has been around. What we tend to forget is that marketing has been around forever and we should follow their strategies and techniques more closely when doing SEO today.

In the old days of SEO, the number of links you had could help you to rank higher. Today, it’s more about the quality and organic links that you get that can help to bring you traffic, gain brand awareness, and ultimately help to increase your rankings.

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It used to be about creating something good and then finding the people that would share it for you on their site or through social platforms. With influencers and industry experts flooded with these requests every day, it will take quite a lot more than just the amazing content that you believe your team created.

Everything is a lot harder now and content can’t just be good, or even great…it has to be amazing to stand out. It’s more natural and how marketers have been doing it for years and the SEO industry is finally just coming up to speed.

Building Relationships in a H2H World

Sure, there is B2B and B2c, but when it comes down to it, it’s H2H now, or human to human.

It’s all about building relationships these days as it should be and forever will be. Find those in your or your client’s industry that are making some noise online on a daily basis. Follow them, engage with them and their content, and share, share, and share some more. If you do this (without being a crazy stalker person) and they take notice, then chances are when you have a great piece of content that needs a little push that they will help.

Be genuine about it, and not obvious. Actually read their content and add value or question their ideas.

Nobody likes a suck-up (for the most part), or someone that is only in it for getting a brand mention. It’s all about creating value in your industry and helping others so that when the time comes, they will be glad to return the favor.

Outreach Strategy Tips

So in a blogger outreach strategy you have to ditch the template outreach (or use it just a baseline for your message) and create a personalized and custom approach to each blogger. Do a little bit of research and keep notes on them by using tools like

Do a little bit of research and keep notes on them by using tools like Buzzstream. That way you reach out you may have found a common interest between you, so your message won’t be the standard intro of who you are, what you have, and what you want them to do. Your first e-mail correspondence with them may just be an introduction and talking about that common interest, or maybe you’re both from the same area and have a talking point there.

Just get recognized by them so they know you aren’t just a leech and that you will do something for them before you ask them to do something for you. This can be sometimes difficult as this can lengthen your outreach strategy which can become quite expensive and time consuming, but it is well worth it in the long run to establish relationships with influential bloggers.

By creating great content and practicing these techniques, you may begin to outrank your competitors with your website, which is what we all want right?