Just as many other fields, public relations were changed in the past few decades by technological development. While some agencies still prefer working in the traditional manner, some left behind the rudimentary techniques and embraced the new opportunities given by the internet.

Online PR

The first advantage of the online PR is that they get to reach everyone. If there is any sure way to connect with people from all over the world, that is for sure internet. Social networks, blogs and forums are the most common methods for PR agents to find and connect with their target group.

Another benefit of every online PR agency is that they save a lot more time than a traditional one. Take for example Clarion Digital PR agency. For them, contacting everyone via email and social media means fewer meetings, less time spent with each client and group. The main result will be more time which can and usually is used in completing more projects at a time.

On the other hand, online PR agents have to face many more challenges: they cannot know for sure whether their message got understood as it was meant to. Keeping in touch with more contacts does not always mean there is any real connection. The agents can only find out if certain people are reliable on the date of the event. They have to deal with the unexpected and learn how to fix a situation in the last minute.

Traditional PR

It is hard to tell an accurate number of traditional PR agencies. There are probably just as many as they used to, with smaller or more significant changes. It would have been a shame not to benefit from anything internet and computer technology has to give. Even the most conservative understand how much time and money they can save by using the internet.

Traditional PR agencies also understand how communication can be affected by it. Instead of spreading their message through social media they prefer meeting and having an actual conversation with the groups they need. In this way they can be sure that no one misunderstands the message and that whoever is there will come to the event as well.

Another aspect which needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that a traditional PR agency can only handle a few projects at a time. The agents usually commit to those projects giving them their full attention. Spending more time on each project means that in the end the result might be better for the client, but the reduced number of projects can often affect the company.

When it comes to deciding the best of them we realize that both traditional and online PR has their ups and downs. Events can be just as well organized by any of them, as long as their target group and objective of the event matches their policy. Youth will rather join a meeting promoted online, but if the event should attract the elderly there are high chances that no one will show up.