Today’s PR practitioners have access to more content than ever. From their organization’s audio, video and images, press release archives, research and white papers, social media feeds, and various blogs, keeping track of so much digital content can be time consuming and frustrating. Creating an online newsroom to act as a centralized hub for all of your company’s digital assets will ultimately help you organize your corporate content and provide a resource for journalists on a time crunch.

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Do you have digital assets all over the place?
An online newsroom is a centralized hub for all of your digital assets including but not limited to high-resolution photographs and b-roll video. With everything in one place, journalists, customers, and employees will be able to find everything they are looking for.

Do you have white papers and research reports that would make great content?
Digitize, centralize, and give access to the hard work that your employees have already accomplished. Most organizations have white papers and research reports that go back years. Having these readily available on your online newsroom not only centrally archives them, but gives bloggers and journalists access to great content regarding your company. Additionally, this content can be searchable by date, keyword and topic, which helps with SEO.

Are you trying to increase brand awareness?
An online newsroom can certainly help. Providing access to all of your digital media assets will help you extend the reach of your message and allow you to participate in ongoing conversations within your industry. By leveraging existing reports, white papers, Q&A’s, and other corporate information, you can take advantage of the hard work that your team has already done and extend the life of your content.

Would you like control over your news and when it is published?
With an online newsroom, you have the capability of publishing and distributing an article 24/7. Instead of a 3rd party going viral with news regarding your company, you have the ability to publish and post your own news at any point in time. Additionally your news can be distributed to your social channels and reach a larger audience. This is a useful tool when announcing breaking news or mitigating a crisis.

Managing your news is critical for your company to stay relevant. Controlling the publishing and distribution of your news lets you set the tone and the pace of the message for your company. Utilizing an online newsroom successfully will help you better manage all of your news assets and frees you up to create more great content.