As a public relations professional, being on top of your game is key to your success.  These days, it’s not enough just to pitch stories and write releases. The game has changed. The industry evolves on a daily basis with new players, new trends and techniques, and new ways to communicate.  Keeping up with it all seems like a daunting task, but there are actually a ton of valuable resources available if you know where to look.  We came across so many great newsletters, blogs, and must-read publications in our research that it was hard to pick just a few, so we’ve made two categories – PR industry publications and media industry publications – to highlight as many as possible.

PR Industry Publications

The best place to start when looking for resources is with reputable industry organizations. Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) offers two newsletters, The Public Relations Strategist and Public Relations Tactics that offer commentaries on public relations, concept innovation, latest news, trends and how-to information. Its contributors are experienced industry pros who write on best practices, theories and trends in employee communications, social media measurement and more.

PRWeek is another great resource that covers all aspects of the PR industry, writing on everything from theories on social and traditional media and communication in various industries to awards, events, advertising, and branding.

Andrew Worob’s PR at Sunrise blog is a start-the-day read for many in the industry.  Worob writes about concepts in communication, public relations, social media, relationships in the PR industry, and other related topics. His posts often spur industry focused discussions and are also shared frequently on Twitter.

A hot topic within public relations is measurement. One of the highly regarded publications on the subject is The Measurement Standard, a newsletter published by KDPaine & Partners. It discusses theories and concepts in measurement, especially with regard to social media and public relations.

If you love regular industry updates through newsletters delivered right to your email, you’ll want to make sure you’re subscribed to PR News. Aimed at communication professionals, the newsletter includes new ideas, strategies, statistics and tools on the topics of crisis management, employee communications and corporate social responsibility.

Also packed with industry news is PR Newser, from the hugely popular MediaBistro. With articles on popular culture, industry news, events to look out for, and research developments, PR Newser is a must-read for industry pros.

Ragan’s PR Daily is another valuable resource that brings the latest industry updates to PR professionals. Always an interesting read, this blog covers specific areas of public relations including media relations, social media, marketing, and writing and editing.

And our final PR industry publication is PR Watch, an online watchdog for PR pros and firms, highlighting PR practitioners who stretch their spin and push ethical boundaries. It is published by The Center for Media and Democracy, a non-profit investigative reporting group.

Media-related Publications

While it’s a must to be in tune with the buzz in PR, it’s just as important to keep up with the industry to which your audience belongs. Having insights into the media side can help you build your relationships and hone your craft. There are some great media-related publications available; one of the most popular is Bulldog Reporter. This website offers free newsletters, directories, white papers, and more. It provides an inside view of the media industry and its best practices, key information for any PR professional. Another website great resource for media focused content and industry updates is Media Post.

As a PR professional focused on aligning strategy with the changing tides in the industry, one of the most helpful publications is Editor & Publisher. They provide the most inclusive updates on the media industry including breaking news, job postings, and more.

A leader in media industry know-how is Journalistics, a blog that covers “all topics at the intersection of public relations and journalism today.” With this resource, you’ll find updates from the media and PR industries, gadgets and social media resources that help both industries, brand management, and much more helpful material.

Keeping up with industry happenings is simple with so much helpful information available. And social media tools make it easy to share and discuss with a wide audience of colleagues.  But there are many more resources out there beyond the ones covered here.  What are your go-to blogs, newsletters and websites? Share your favorites in the comments section or by tweeting @MyMediaInfo using #PRmustread and let us know!