At 2pinz, one of the many challenges we help B2B tech startups face is who to pitch their story to. If you’re marketing a Cloud Computing product, there are many people at leading publications who write about the Cloud. Where do you start? Who do you pitch, first? In this post, we will help you figure out which journalist to pitch.

The Best Journalist to Pitch

In the media world, there are so many different kinds of stories about Cloud Computing. From founders to funding, subjects vary. The key to finding the best journalist to pitch is to focus. Break down your approach in this manner:

  1. List out your target publications
  2. Identify which people write about your subject matter
  3. Pull 2-3 stories from each journalist to review

Three Ways to Hone in on Your Target

Now that you have thought about your approach and built out your media list, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of journalists and stories you’ve found. The next step is to narrow down your list to a finite number of people who you want to pitch. At 2pinz, we break this down into a 1-2-3 approach, as noted above, and recommend implementing these three objectives:

  • Where do you want to secure coverage? – You know you created software that is a missing piece to many implementations. Bigger companies than yours may be thinking about developing something similar. You want to launch your product in the hope that one of those bigger companies may want to acquire yours. Think about the publication(s) that those companies are reading. Are they technology or business-focused? Maybe you need to target specific trade publications.
  • Who will write about your product or company? – In an ideal scenario, who do you want to write about your product or company? If you could name the journalist to pitch who you would like to speak with, who would they be? You may know some off the top of your head, but looking at your research may surface others you may not have thought of before.
  • What do you want him/her to write about? Now that you have established which publication(s) you would like to pitch and to whom, what do you want the journalist to write about? You may have a particular angle that you want to pitch. Or, maybe you are launching a product or service. Hopefully, before drafting your pitch, you can reference well-messaged copy or interview stakeholders to get more information.

The 1-2-3 Approach

At last, you have your 1-2-3 approach laid out, it’s time to take action. When writing your pitch it’s important to have your stakeholders in alignment with what you’re pitching. Whether you’re pitching a press release – which is always edited and approved by everyone involved – or only drafting a pitch – don’t be afraid to get feedback on your pitch from those involved at the business level. Either way, you have to create a pitch about a press release or story idea.

Next, develop a plan to decide upon target publication/journalist, share the final pitch, identify who the spokesperson will be for the interview, and timing. Map this out in an email for those involved to easily digest and review.

You may be working with a seasoned executive who has had experience with the media and has his/her own media relationships. Take advantage! Ask them if you can pitch together, cc’ing them on the email, or ask that they send the final pitch. If not, pitch away!

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