It’s not the most glamorous part of the job, but engaging with people online is a must for a brand. If your brand is online — if it’s not, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding — then you are going to have to engage with people. It’s just a simple rule.

Well I guess you don’t have to, but if you don’t, it can cost you. Let’s take a look why you should be reaching out and making conversation with people online for your brand.


Gaining the trust of your audience is key to having a successful digital marketing plan. And it’s not easy gaining people’s trust. People online typically look to others for information and advice, but that doesn’t mean a brand can’t have an influence. A great way of doing this is by joining the conversation. And not only joining the conversation, but leading the conversation.

You’re not only controlling the conversation, but you’re building your credibility and trustworthiness amongst those that are you speaking with. It shows people that you genuinely care, and that can go a long way.

Negative Nellies

No more matter how professional you conduct your business and follow the rules, there’s always going to be someone who is unhappy with your product or service. It’s simply unavoidable. But it’s best to tackle these situations head on rather than trying to sweep them under the rug. By trying to alleviate the situation through social conversation, you’re not only showing the person with the complaint that you care, but you’re showing others that you care as well. Otherwise, ignoring something like this can turn down an ugly road. If done properly, you can turn a negative situation into a positive.

To Conclude

Having a conversation with your audience might make you feel like you are walking on egg shells. You have to keep in mind that these are the people who have interest in your brand, which means they are potential leads. But if handled properly, your conversations should generate positive results.

If you’d like to learn some tips on how to find these online conversations about your brand, please take a look at the short video clip above.