There is so much pressure already on you to make it and get in front of media but now you have made it. That radio interview, that newspaper article, the television spot, the online news piece is now yours and you are moments away from doing your bit. It’s at this moment the nerves are kicking in but you are prepared. You are the best in your business and while media might seem quite foreign to you this is really a great opportunity.

Forget how you got there or how you got the opportunity. It might have been a PR firm that has secured this for you. You might have a friend of a friend. It might have been your work online such as a blog, a tweet or white paper that was seen. You might be a recognised authority with media from one of their channels. You just might have managed to do this on your own and get lucky in front of the right media at the right time.

In this business there are so many hurdles stopping you from being seen by the media and at this moment you are the Sally Pearson of hurdles and have won the GOLD medal. How can it go wrong from here? Well you are only 50% of the way and now that you have done the interview most of the hard work begins.

Most people will make mistakes that are easy to rectify but are not easily forgiven.  If you are informed, trained, prepared and understand the media cycle there is very little chance of making mistakes.

Most common mistakes made by experts once granted a media engagement:

  1. Trying to sell your products and services via the media. That is what advertising is for. Sell your expertise, your knowledge, your opinion and your view in editorial. If there is a hint of selling you will be found out.
  2. Not knowing the audience and demographics of your media. Understand who the presenters/journalists are and the audience they are engaging with. It is crucial for you to be able to communicate effectively and with purpose.
  3. Failure to use your media – It’s not who listens, reads or watches the media when it is broadcasted. It’s how you broadcast the fact that you were used by the media. When the media uses you then you are the expert and your current and future customers need to know this.
  4. No Follow-up or attempt to build a relationship with the media. It’s a shame if you have run your Gold Medal race and don’t plan to run it again. Media is always looking for quality content and contributors that can deliver. Always follow-up and build that relationship with the media.

These mistakes are so common that it does leave the door open for others in your industry to own this space. To become an authority in any sector you only need to be keen, flexible and not let your ego get involved.  Of course you will be the best in your industry.

Those that we admire, listen to and even follow are those that are confident enough to give their advice without trying to sell, pitch orMedia1 shout at us. They don’t fear the giving up of intellectual property and have confidence in their own abilities when it comes to the execution of their ideas.  This is the true definition of an authority and an expert.

You have ran a brilliant race to get the media coverage now it is time to not mess it up and get the most from it. If you are ready, willing and able to deliver quality content there is a media outlet for you. Media are looking for the right content, the right story and something different. You just need to deliver it beautifully.