This is the final piece in our three-part series on SEO-friendly press releases. In Making the Most of Your Press Release – Part One we discussed the importance of keyword selection, headlines and keyword usage. Making the Most of Your Press Release – Part Two followed by covering the importance of backlinks and anchor text. Part three of our series focuses on connecting landing pages, rich media additions and following up after distribution of your release.

6. Landing Pages: A landing page is a customized page of your website tailored to a specific niche. Landing pages allow businesses that practice a variety of specialties or sell multiple products or services to focus on each one in detail with a dedicated page. In part two of this series, we created a backlink to use in our press release that targeted the keywords “healthcare marketing” through anchor text. Our next decision is whether we want this link to point to our home page, covering a variety of topics, or a specific landing page dedicated to healthcare marketing. The search engines will give more value to a backlink that links back to a matching page, so we are better off linking to the Industry Areas page that discusses our Healthcare Marketing capabilities rather than our home page.

how to optimize a press release

7. Rich Media Content: Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? That means there are more people searching YouTube than are searching using services such as Bing or Yahoo. That makes it all the more important to upload video to YouTube and add a link in your release. Adding video to a release has been shown to increase views by 20 percent. As people watch your YouTube video from your release, you also increase your YouTube view count which, in turn, increases the chance that YouTube will more readily display your video in its own search results. Don’t forget to optimize the title of the video with your keywords. Adding images can be a less expensive addition to your release and also increase release interaction. But don’t forget to optimize your image file names and titles with your targeted keywords when possible.

8. Follow-Up: Backlinks are an important part of a SEO-friendly press release but may be left out when your release is picked up by various online outlets. The solution can be as simple as asking the editor to include your backlink in a follow-up thank you note. The worst they can say is, “no,” but we’ve had many cases where editors were happy to include the requested link back to our site. It helps to be as specific as possible by providing the term you want linked and the target page to avoid any confusion.

We hope you found this series on making the most of your press releases through search engine optimization helpful. We’d love to hear your ideas and experiences as well! Please feel free to comment below.