You’ve probably sent your press releases to numerous media contacts. Everyone from journalists, producers, radio show hosts, editors, TV show anchors, etc., the list goes on. But, what about bloggers?

Bloggers are the new age storytellers of today’s world. They predict trends before they rise, and even begin some trends on occasion. How does this relate to business? In order for a blogger to predict or begin a trend, they need to be on the lookout for the next best thing. That is where your business comes in. No matter what industry your business is in, there is definitely a blogger out there who can relate to the news you announce.

The goal of your press release is to have your news covered and shared with your target audience. What better way to do so, than by sending your release to a blogger? But, keep in mind bloggers can be very selective about the pieces they choose to write about. This makes reaching out and sending your press release to them a little tricky….Posing the ultimate question: Is it worth it?

Let’s find out if reaching out to bloggers is worth your PR campaign time:

Why Reach Out to a Blogger?

Bloggers are essentially influencers for nice industries. They predict or start trends, have a loyal and active audience and are honest when it comes to their content.

Sending your press release to a blogger can catch their eye especially if it is relative to something they are looking for. They are often on the lookout for news, products, etc. their followers are curious about or in need of. If you know a blogger who is looking for new content that relates to a recent press release your company has published, send it to them! You have a great chance of your release being picked up or shared with their audience.

Is Your News Relevant to Them?

As mentioned in the last section, bloggers are always on the lookout for the upcoming industry trend or newsworthy content to write about.

The news that you have released must somehow relate to what they are looking for, something they have written/spoken out about, or in demand with their audience. This way, the press release you are sending them is relevant. That way they will open the release, have a reason to read it. The blogger you are reaching out to already covers news/topics in your industry, so there is already a slight connection there.

If somehow, your release does not relate to them in any of the given ways in the paragraph above, try relating it to them somehow. This is a good way to “newsjack” a story they have recently written about. Make your press release relevant to them, entice them to take a look at it.

Reaching Out to a Blogger

If you think sending your press release to a blogger with the message: Hey check out this press release! –is a good way to reach out, try again.

Before you reach out to a blogger, get to know a little about their blog, why they started it, why they are successful at doing it, and reach a couple of posts they have written. Don’t go in blind. They’ll know by your pitch if you have researched them. Mention an article they have written or a collaboration they have done with someone.

As someone reaching out, essentially asking for a favor, you have to give them a reason or purpose to pay attention to you. Give them a reason to find your story appealing. Write a pitch about your release, that leads them into opening it to read more. Propose a collaboration or the idea of being a guest on the blog. Try to give them different helpful and informative scenarios that they can use and benefits you.

Is reaching out to a blogger worth it? Yes.

Bloggers can put your business on the map. they make your news relevant or showcase what you have to say. Reaching out to these industry trendsetters is a great way to get the Earned Media Advantage, as long as the message is sent at the right time and to the right blogger(s). You have the ability to pick and choose which blogger relates the best to your company’s branding. Which has the most relevant audience that you want to get in front of. Remember to always research a blogger before reaching out to him/her. This will help you pitch to that person and potentially get the earned media your press release deserves.