According to recent surveys, TEKGROUP’s 2016 Online Newsroom Survey Report and THENEWSMARKET’s survey high and low resolution photos and logos are two of the most important features in your online newsroom.

Product photos, head shots of executives and thought leaders, facility and building shots are all coveted by journalists and bloggers looking for just the right photo to include with their news story. Having them posted and ready to use alleviates the need for journalists to reach out to someone in the PR department and wait for them to email the file over. This saves much needed time for a writer on deadline! They also request various shapes, sizes, and colors of your logo, including black and white.

Below are 3 best in class examples of how companies are utilizing image galleries in their online newsroom.

The Florida Keys online newsroom has become a trusted resource for local TV stations and news media. The site includes a centralized content hub of video and photos that journalists can leverage and embed into their news stories.

Product shots of all shapes and sizes are valuable assets that the media can easily share and embed into their news stories. T-Mobile manages both image and video galleries for all of their various products, and makes high-resolution, print-ready versions available for download.

Lenovo makes extensive use of centralizing their image content on their online newsroom including product shots, executive head shots, building and facility images, logos, all categorized by product line and topic. Each photo is available for download as high resolution, print ready.

Including images embedded in your news stories and making them available in multimedia galleries are both sure ways to get more exposure and increase awareness of your organization.