Bring your press release into focus using targeted images.
Bring your press release into focus using targeted images.

Press release writing can be a challenge sometimes. You need to gather background information and other research, and conduct interviews for quotes. Once that’s done, you start the actual writing. But even after the release is complete, there’s still another step – finding an image.

Including an image helps in a couple of ways. First, it increases pick-up rates among media. Whether you’re pitching a newspaper or website, they usually want an image. By including one with your release, you’re making it that much easier for editors to run your story. Images can also help with branding, online visibility, social media engagement, and more.

Below are some options to consider, as well as how they can strengthen press release distribution:

Professional Headshot

This image works especially well for personnel announcements such as new hires and promotions. It provides a more complete introduction of the individual, and makes it easy for home-town publications to spread the news. It’s also a must for entertainers, including actors, comedians, authors, and others looking to grow recognition.

Book Jacket

Another option for authors is to draw attention to the book itself. Using the book jacket as your image will let readers know what to look for as they scan the shelves of their favorite store. Even e-books can benefit from this exposure.

Event Flyer

If you’re hosting a party or trade show, using promotional materials as your image can help in a couple of ways. First, it provides the necessary information in an easier to digest format for busy professionals. And since it’s an image, it can be easily shared on social platforms. News releases with images often get more shares than text-only posts, and the main benefit of a flyer as your image is that it contains promotional information as well – spreading the message farther than either a photo or text release alone.

Event Photo

After the event is over, consider distributing a post-release, which is like a recap of what happened. Photo-op possibilities range from speakers at the podium, award recipients, excited guests, overhead shots to capture the scope of the crowd, and more. Just be sure that all photos selected are professional and high quality. There’s nothing worse than a photo of a dark room with such grainy resolution that nobody knows what they’re looking at. And if there’s red-eye or other minor issues, fix them. You can use Photoshop and other similar tools to fix most problems. If you don’t have any photo editing software at your disposal (yet), there are numerous free photo editing tools, and no excuses not to use them.

Product Image

This should be an obvious one, yet so many press releases are distributed without it. If you are announcing a new product, show your audience what it looks like. Descriptions can be confusing, especially when explaining how something works. By showing readers what it is, you give them a better idea of how it will benefit them.


When all else fails, a logo is great way to incorporate visual branding into your press release. It will help people remember you and associate your logo with whatever services you provide.

Stock Images

If you’re a budding entrepreneur with little to no budget, no logo, and no photos, your best bet might just be stock images. There are myriad free stock image sites out there to browse, and chances are that at least one of them will have a suitable image to accompany your news.

Including an image is one of the major facets of press release optimization. It will greatly strengthen the success of your release among media outlets and online, and promote sharing on social media. There’s really no reason not to include an image with every press release; all it does is help.

Do you have other creative image ideas? Share them in the comments.