As you might recall from last week, Tuesday nights on Twitter host #custserv and #leadershipchat. I find that there is often a way to overlap these two. After all, it takes a strong leader to create a strong customer service department, right?

found this post that Frank Eliason wrote about his very positive experiences with The Apple Store. It’s called Apple Store Employees Create a Raving Fan. That inspired the theme for this week – a combination of leadership and excellent customer service leading to happy customers.

Tristan Bishop (@knowledgebishop) wrote about Petco’s approach to customer service. Petco leads customers to an interactive and useful community, and everyone benefits. Read this great post, which is called Nurturing Advocacy.

Jason Mikula (@mikulaja) did a great series on customer service. His first post, titled Customer Service in the Social Media Era, also focused on Apple. Interestingly, Apple often is discussed in chats for its decided quietude on the Social Media front. Hmm. Is Apple trying to lead by setting a very different example?

Ron Fink of Strategic Marketing Solutions points out that in some businesses and industries, care, or “customer service,” is a given. In this kind of industry, how can customer service still set you apart as a leader? Check out Ron’s post, “Assisted Living Marketing Should Be Driven By Strategic Care” and enjoy the different perspective the post offers!

Often in customer service discussions, we focus on what the ideal experience would be. We also often assume that online customer service will be helpful, not a hindrance. Roy Atkinson discusses the fact that while the online world can empower the customer, this empowerment does not lead to protection or safety. True leaders in customer service know how to balance the power of online speed and efficiency with human etiquette.