Why is PR not part of your marketing strategy?

The answer is most likely either:

  1. It doesn’t work as well as other marketing techniques
  2. It takes a PR firm and we can’t afford one
  3. I don’t know how

None of those answers work for me. A good PR strategy is simple and relatively cheap to implement internally, and has tremendous upside potential on your marketing efforts.

What’s better – paying to serve a thousand ads or paying to send out one press release that gets picked up 100 times?

The elements of a good PR strategy take some time to develop:

  1. You’ll want to either sign a deal with a company like Meltwater Press or Vocus to track and analyze each release, or use a service like PRWeb to send releases on a one-off basis.
  2. You’ll want to spend some time crafting stories around your company, your services, and your customers. Stories that are most likely to get published include David vs. Goliath themes, Outrageous or Unusual, Controversy, a spin on how you relate to something Hot in the Media, and Celebrities (thanks to Buzzmarketing).
  3. Develop a keyword strategy that you will use within your press releases you submit online and link back to your website.
  4. Create a frequency plan and stick to it so that you continue to develop new press content.
  5. Keep a press section on your site, showcase all your releases, and give plenty of contact information so that people can reach out and follow up.

Press is good. As a marketer, press should be your friend.