If you want publicity, it’s a whole lot easier to get it if you’re an expert in your field.

When I speak to audiences about the importance of being an expert, I see people start to cringe. They’re paranoid about calling themselves experts and then being “found out” or “uncovered as a fraud.” That’s because they mistakenly think that being an expert means being the one person who knows the most about a certain topic.

Expertise isn’t only about what you know. Expertise is also about what you do.

Here’s a three-minute video of me explaining why they are worrying needlessly, and what you can do to gain expertise in your field. It’s from my presentation last month at the Career Directors International conference in San Diego.

If you want to learn more what it takes to be a subject matter expert, read The Expertise Imperative, a fabulous White Paper written by Alan Parisse, Rita Risser, Bob Treadway, Robert Tucker and Alan Weiss, some of the very best speakers in the National Speakers Association. They wrote it more than a decade ago, specifically for speakers. But I recommend it to all my audiences because it’s still timely for people in any occupation.

The National Speakers Association includes thousands of people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. We have hypnotists, management consultants, business coaches and mentors, mountain climbers, magicians, labor experts, psychologists, college professors, and on and on.

Today, expertise also includes having a presence in social media and doing things such blogging, creating how-to videos, answering questions on Quora.com, creating your own LinkedIn group, and sharing business advice and tips on Twitter (follow me here for publicity and social media tips).

The White Paper will give you dozens of ideas on other things you can do to become an expert in your field, or become more of an expert than you are now.

What have you done to enhance or promote your own expertise? The Comments section awaits…

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