How to Avoid Making a Bad Impression During Presentation

Here’s a snippet that you could ponder upon:

Person A is giving a presentation to you – he has great ideas and persuades you to pitch in for his company; but he looks shabby with informal attire, crosses his arms in defensiveness, doesn’t make eye contact, and keeps his shoulders shrugged. Will you still be impressed by him? Probably no, and that is because no matter how wonderful his presentation was, if he made a bad impression, you would not be interested in listening to him.

Thus, it is necessary to avoid making such mistakes while you present. Here are ten key points that you must keep in mind:

  • Talk, Don’t Read

Albert Einstein once said, “If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

With regard to this, if you are thorough with your content and know your facts right, you won’t have to prepare a speech. Rather, you can deliver it effortlessly by keeping some points in your mind.

Key Tip: Always try to explain your idea in the simplest and shortest way possible. Don’t elucidate too much; it might become taxing.

  • Dress According to the Presentation

Whenever you prepare for a presentation, make sure to keep the dress code in mind. If the presentation requires formal attire, dress up accordingly. Don’t show up in an outfit that is inappropriate and informal.

  • Be Humble

No matter how renowned and successful a speaker you are, be humble when you are at a conference and engage with people. If you boast about your achievements and show off your riches, you might be creating a bad impression for yourself in that room.

  • Listen Carefully

If somebody is speaking to you, listen to them carefully. Pay attention to detail and grasp their words quickly. Try to use words that they are familiar with.

For instance, if they call their organization a ‘firm,’ you must not speak of it as a ‘company’ or a ‘startup.’ Refer to them as a ‘firm.’ This will help you create a connection with them.

  • Maintain a Good Body Language

Tapping feet, biting nails, shrugging down, and not maintaining eye contact might end up pulling you down. So, try to keep good body language while you present. Stand up tall and straight, use hand gestures, and maintain relaxed and neutral facial expressions.

  • Don’t Be Too Loud

People who are extremely loud often create the worst impressions. If you are somebody who has a habit of speaking loudly, try to tone it down when you present. Lower down the decibels and speak in a polite tone.

  • Stick to the Time Limit

Avoid being under or over time. If you have been allotted ten minutes, sum up your presentation in nine or nine and a half minutes. Never exceed the time limit, for that can end up being extremely unprofessional.

  • Don’t Ignore Your Audience’s Background

When you speak to your audience, remember to know where they belong to, their purpose of attending your presentation, and their background.

For instance, if your audience is technically aware and you share a technological reference, it would be a win-win situation. However, if you share such a reference with people who are not tech-savvy, you might end up making a fool out of yourself.

  • Don’t Clutter Your Presentation

Adding excessive information and tons of facts and data in each slide can make them appear very unarranged and chaotic. This can create an impression of you being unorganized.

  • Be Confident

Don’t stammer or jitter when you present. Try to be as confident as you can. This would help you deliver the best presentation.

Things You Can Do to Avoid Making a Bad Impression

  • Be punctual and arrive on time.
  • Rehearse your presentation numerous times before going on stage.
  • Use big fonts/large images that would be visible to your audience.
  • Always introduce yourself and your topic before commencing.
  • Don’t promote the problem; provide the solution.
  • Have a plan or an outline planned that you would use as a guide when you present.
  • End with a question and answer session or provide a platform where your audience can reach you.


Presentations are a great way to make a lasting impression on the audience. Sometimes, in an effort to represent yourself as a good speaker, you tend to sabotage your best intentions, thereby ruining the overall impression. By following the above tips, you can achieve your presentation goals, establishing yourself as a knowledgeable speaker.

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