Did you know that September 18, 2011 is annual Sneakers at Work day? Seriously! I hadn’t heard of it either, but after doing some research I discovered that this “event” really does exist. Sneakers@Work is a fund-raiser sponsored by the American Prostate Cancer Initiative that runs each year during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

And why am I telling you this? Because there are tons of events that are recognized each year on a national basis that you can use as a tie-in to promote your company. Some of these events are charity-focused, while others promote an interest or lifestyle. The type of business you run and the interests of you and your staff will help you decide which events to support. As an example:

Your Business Type/Options:
If you are an Injury Law Firm, search for National Safety Awareness (June)
If you are a Garden Center , search Perennial Gardening Month (June)
If you are a Conservation Group, search National Rivers Month (June)
If you are an Optometrist, search Eye Injury Prevention Month (July)
If you are a Flag Center , search Flag Day (June)

Let’s use National Safety Awareness Month and our PI Attorneys as an example and come up with a plan:

  • Get new content ready ahead of time to post on your website. Include links to any sites (include useful videos) you find valuable.
  • Write and publish (downloadable PDF or printed versions) safety tips – you might have a couple of versions: one for parents with small children; one for parents with new teen drivers; and maybe a safety around the home version. Make these available on your website.
  • Plan a seminar to talk about safety or set up a booth at an existing event. Give out copies of your tips.
  • Involve your employees by allowing them to “buy” a casual Friday dress down day for a contribution to a local burn center or similar.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure to let everyone know what your firm and employees are doing to support the event—put out a press release and add it to the news section of your website. And don’t forget to talk it up to everyone you meet! Make it fun and meaningful to all who participate. If all goes well, it can become an annual event that can generate buzz about your business!

Author: Jeanne Frazer heads up The Expert Speakers, a group that provides marketing, management and motivational speakers, writers, coaches and mentors with expertise in all facets of marketing and management across numerous industries for events, seminars and workshops. Frazer is also president of vitalink® a creative + strategic marketing think tank, and strategic partner for Lawyers Marketing Agency and Catalyst Group, Inc.  Jeanne may be reached at [email protected] or 919.850.0605.