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I migrated away from pure PR to content and digital communications in the early part of the last decade. (Wow, am I that old?) However, I have continue to have a soft spot for PR. It has been stunning to see the vast changes to landscape that have taken place since my departure. Many of the pubs I worked with are gone, and the ones that are left are completely reinvented animals from what I knew.

I had the pleasure of meet Jeff Vance through my buddy and communications sage Lou Hoffman. Jeff is really an excellent example of the new journalist. He has been evolving the new model with passion and risk taking while maintaining his journalistic ethic.

His journey is telling. He’s gone from getting pitched all day long for the column inches he controlled to growing his own community of experts he nurtures, engages, and taps at a moments notice for story and comments.

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Jeff Vance Journalist and Founder of Sandstorm Media Sandstorm Media Blog