When hiring a PR agency, there are lots of different factors that need to be considered. You need to find an agency with a positive track record of generating meaningful buzz for its clients. You should look for an agency that you click well with…one that understands your product and has experience in your industry. I could go on and on, but the point is you shouldn’t make your choice based solely on any one factor. That’s especially true when it comes to price.

Teamworrk conceptToo often, companies are only interested in the bottom line. They want to get the so-called “best deal” possible. In other words, they want to hire the cheapest PR agency available. Their thought process is that the less they spend on PR, the greater their ROI will be. The problem is that the least expensive PR agency typically isn’t the best PR agency.

There’s a reason that “you get what you pay for” is such a popular adage. It’s usually true. If you want to hire the cheapest PR agency, you’re probably not going to get much in return. Your results will suffer. Why?

  • Your account rep will likely have little experience.
  • Your account rep will probably have dozens of other clients, meaning you won’t get much of his or her time.
  • Your PR agency simply won’t have the time or resources to put into getting significant results for your company since you aren’t paying them enough.
  • Any good PR agency will charge what it’s worth.

Now, does this mean you need to blow out your budget and hire the most expensive PR agency you can find? Absolutely not. You should be able to find an experienced, reputable agency at a solid value that falls within your budget. The point is that you shouldn’t automatically default to the cheapest available option.

What do you think? Do you really get what you pay for when hiring a PR agency?