Media Coverage can be one of the best ways to reach target audiences for free!

Today, I wanted to take a little time to talk to you about what publicity is and why your small business, blog, or brand needs it to survive in today’s saturated market.

Generally speaking, publicity is when a media outlet reviews or writes about your services without receiving any financial compensation. The article is based on information they obtain from you or your publicist.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that the same thing as advertising?” No, not at all! Publicity and advertising are very different.

With publicity, there’s no guarantee you will get media coverage. You can’t control when or where your messages will be published. With advertising, you can control the message, placement, and timing. However, advertising comes with a big cost that most small businesses simply can’t afford. That’s just one of the reasons why publicity is usually the better option.

Here are some of the biggest benefits publicity can bring:

  • Unlike other forms of marketing, publicity is generally free or low-cost.
  • Publicity carries much more credibility than advertising because it’s essentially an independent third-party endorsement. Almost all people subconsciously assume that if an objective source – such as a magazine or newspaper – features your product or business, it must be valuable and newsworthy. Consider this – if a new restaurant opened nearby, would you be more likely to make a reservation if you saw a television commercial, or if you saw the restaurant featured in the New York Times or Vogue because tons of celebrities were dining there?
  • Publicity generally reaches more audiences than advertising does. Your story could be picked up in national publications, which would spread the word about you and your business across the country.
  • Unlike advertising, publicity can help position you as a thought leader or expert in your field (especially if you get on a national radio show or a television show).
  • Publicity can even help you attract investors (if you’re looking for outside funding to launch or grow your business).

Now that you have a better understanding of exactly what publicity is and why your business needs it, you’ve taken an important first step!

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