When you are trying to get publicity for your business, I have always said you have to pitch a story, not a product. Essentially, you want to give a potential headline to a writer or editor, and the more grabby (and timely) the better.

How to get publicity

The print and online world is inundated with content, so attention-getting headlines have to stand out among the noise. Why make the writer come up with one on their own, when you can do part of the work for them. How do you get that headline? Try looking at current ones.

Getting Publicity For Your Products Or Services

Maybe you want to get press for one of your products. Certain publications do product reviews or will write about a product that is innovative or cutting edge (i.e. Apple) but if you really want to get your product mentioned as part of an editorial, you need to give a story idea and then mention how your product would fit the story. Below are real headlines from popular blogs that might inspire you:

  • The Jackets You’ll Want To Wear All Spring (Refinery29)
  • 18 Dream Items to Punch Up a Master-Bath Wish List (Houzz)
  • 15 Easter Kids Outfits That Get the Celebration Started (Popsugar Moms)

Getting Publicity For Your Business

If you do have an innovative product, service, or invention, or your business has enjoyed some recent success or accomplishment, that can be newsworthy to a writer, if you give the right headline, like these:

  • Forget Apple Pay. A Michigan startup says what you truly need is a Buetooth-enabled supercard (Mashable)
  • How This Entrepreneur Reworked His Business Idea in the Face of Financial Armageddon (Entrepreneur)
  • This Couple Ditched Their Tech Jobs to Pursue Their Passion for Beer (Business Insider)

Getting Publicity For The Unusual

If you have read any of my Ebooks, you know that I have always said the “quirky” or “unusual” will always get press. Here are some ideas for these types of stories:

  • 13 of the Most WTF Maternity Tops Ever Made (Buzzfeed)
  • 25 Books to Get You Through a Quarter Life Crisis (Bustle)
  • The 20 Most Amazing Things Only Rich Jerks Can Afford (Cracked)

Getting Publicity For Newsworthy Events

You also want to pitch headlines that are timely, based on upcoming events, current pop culture or trending topics.

  • The 3 Best Drugstore Sunscreens for Spring Break (College Fashion)
  • 50 Shades of Grey Activewear for the Gym (Shape)
  • The Best Way to Celebrate National Cherry Month (LONNY)

Good luck pitching your business.