There are many things to measure in a public relations campaign. You can figure out your audience’s growth, interaction, and purchasing arcs, plus a ton of other things that can help you advance your business. These days, there are tools to measure practically every data point you can think of!

Measuring Up

But of course that’s not the whole story. This is because there are some things you can’t track on software or paper. As hippy-dippy as it might sound, there’s something to be said about how your PR efforts “feel.” The temperament of your campaign can be a huge factor in how it comes across to your audience.

Consider a sporting event. Technically home field advantage shouldn’t have anything to do with anything – it’s just a field. But the sheer willpower of the audience can often pull the home team to a win, even in the face of certain defeat. Momentum isn’t a tangible thing but you can feel it during the game. The same can be said for your PR campaign.

No Two are the Same

Of course momentum in business is a little different than momentum in a sporting event. While you’re pulling for the home team at the latter, it’s not just about willing the business to take off in the former. It’s more about figuring out what the energy of your business is.

For example, you could easily say the sporting event’s energy is “excitement.” This doesn’t necessarily vibe with your company, though. Otherwise you would be posting on social media or writing blogs with tons of exclamation marks in order to get your fans hyped up.

Your business’ temperament isn’t going to be exactly the same as any other business, even if you work in the same industry. One office supply company could go for a calm, strictly professional vibe where another will go for a youthful, energetic feel. It’s entirely dependent on you and your business what your “feel” is.

Figuring it Out

So how do you figure this out? It’s not like you know it going into a campaign – it’s a natural thing that blossoms as you go. Of course you want to think your company could be one to inspire your customers and fans to “go get ‘em” and hype them up, but that’s just not the case for everyone.

Just like a sporting event, you can often feel how the crowd is shifting. You post a few things on Facebook and they’ll react one way. You post something else on your blog and they shift in another, possibly opposite way.

It’s all about paying attention to these shifts. You can use numbers all you want, and they are very important. However, if your gut is telling you the crowd is going a different way, you can’t just ignore that.

It’s the difference between short term and long term. Looking at a short term growth and assuming your business is absolutely going to go that way can be hazardous. Feeling the shift of the crowd can make for a healthier long term plan that keeps you in business for a much longer time.

What’s your company’s “temperament”?